Communications are vital before, during and after an emergency in order to ensure that warnings and information are received and passed on, responses co-ordinated with emergency services and actions by volunteers within the community co-ordinated ’on the ground’.

Rudston is in an area with very poor mobile reception. The most satisfactory network is probably O2. If communication is a problem BT and ERYC may be able to help. If landline phones are not working the best way to communicate over short distances may be to send someone with a message. People who are willing to act as couriers may be a great help.

Communicating within and outside the community before and during an emergency will be organised by a member of the Community Response Team. They will liaise with statutory emergency agencies as required and keep a listening watch on local radio bulletins (BBC Radio Humberside (95.9FM), Viking FM (96.9FM), Yorkshire Coast Radio, (96.2FM and 102.4FM). Where necessary, access will be made to relevant websites.

Contact details for statutory authorities, emergency services and key local contacts and leads can be found in the Emergency Box.

The following publications and instructions have been made available to members of the community:

  • An overview of this document has been published in the Rudston Newsletter.
  • The restricted version of this document is available on the Rudston website (www.rudston.org.uk).
  • Printed copies of this document will be available in emergency boxes held at the temporary places of safety.


During an emergency, volunteers will be assigned the tasks of logging actions, using the logging sheets in the Emergency Box. This enables actions to be captured and evaluated.

Emergency Services

  • Fire, Police, Ambulance and Coastguard: 999
  • Police Non Emergency Number: 0845 60 60 222
  • NHS Direct: 0845 46 47

Caythorpe Site

  • Site office: 01262 420177
  • Site fax: 01262 420156
  • Site security office (24 hours): 01262 420502
  • Site manager Mr Justin Kenyon
    • Email: justin.kenyon@centrica.com
    • Business mobile: 07789 577086


  • Npower Northern: 0800 668 877
  • Yorkshire Electricity: 0800 375 675
  • Scottish Power: 0845 272 7999
  • Eastern: 0800 783 8838
  • Environment Agency@ 0800 807060 (Damage or danger to the natural environment e.g. pollution, poaching, risks to wildlife, fish in distress, illegal dumping of hazardous waste)
  • All Gas Leaks - 0800 111 999
  • Yorkshire Water - 0845 124 24 24
  • BT 0800 800 151

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

  • Customer Service: 01482 393939
  • Main Switchboard: 01482 887700
  • Council House Repairs (out of hours emergency number) Bridlington area: 01262 403368