Volunteers and other resources

There will be a need to draw upon various skills before, during and after any emergency and the success of this emergency plan rests largely on the goodwill of volunteers.

Potential volunteers have indicated what tasks they may be prepared to carry out if an emergency occurs. Volunteers are co-ordinated by the Community Response Team and volunteers should report to them to be allocated tasks. Other resources will also be required in an emergency and it is important to be able to quickly locate them.

Thereis a list of volunteers and other resources available and how they might be utilised in an emergency in our community. The information is restricted and therefore not available on this website.

Local Place of Safety

The County Council is responsible for setting up a central rest centre during an emergency. However it may be necessary to set up a temporary place of safety within the community as an option e.g. for visitors or for people evacuated from their homes. The designated temporary places of safety are:

  • The Village Hall, Marton Lane, YO25 4UY (Keyholders are [… tbc …])
  • The Church (Open during daylight hours, keyholder is Rev G Owen, The Vicarage)

Each place of safety will house an Emergency Box containing:

  • A copy of this plan
  • A copy of the full Electoral register
  • Paper and pens
  • Logging sheets
  • Risk assessment forms
  • A map of the village
  • A map of the surrounding area
  • A map of Parish boundaries