Corner Garden

Corner Garden is an old chalk pit used by the residents of Rudston for many years to dispose of rubbish. An area of approx. 2 acres it was closed and capped off with a layer of soil, planted with trees (mainly ash and sycamore) in approx. 1973. Since then it had been allowed to run derelict.

In 2016 a group of Parish Councillors, led by chairman Mr Watson, decided it could be an asset to the village to bring the pit into use as a nature reserve, viewing and picnic area.

The concept was to make the area accessible, with a path around the site creating 2 separate areas. The site to require the minimum of maintenance. Grants were gained, a new fence built, 2 bench seats and a picnic table purchased. Thanks to villager's donations a bird feeding station, nest boxes, bat box and hedgehog house were fixed. Thanks to gifts of trees the diversity of the tree cover is increased. English blue bells, snow drops and other bulbs planted and allowed to naturalise.