The Emergency Team:

Members of the Parish Council:

  • Mr Tony Ezard (Chairman PC)
  • Mrs Fiona Turner
  • Mr Neil Watson (Vice Chairman PC)
  • Mr Simon Rhodes
  • Mrs Alison Starkey


  • Rev Glyn Owen
  • Mr Colin Ward

The Incident Room

The Emergency team will meet at one of the following locations:

  • Tony Ezard's home, Greenacre Cottage, Eastgate,YO25 4UX
  • The Village Hall, Marton Lane, YO25 4UY
  • The Bosville Arms, Main Street, YO25 4UB, tel 01262 420259
  • The Church

Emergency Box

Three emergency boxes are being kept, one at Tony Ezard's house, one at the Bosville Arms, and one at the Church. If the Emergency team is to meet at the Village Hall, a box should be taken from one of the other locations. Each box contains:

  • A copy of this plan
  • A copy of the Electoral register
  • Paper and pens
  • A map of the village
  • A map of the surrounding area
  • A map of Parish boundaries